About us

Our objectives

  • Develop a strategic perspective for dawah material in various languages.
  • Improve the quality of the dawah material available.
  • Establish standards to evaluate the content and quality of dawah work.
  • Develop an information system for the management of Islamic dawah; and undertake studies and research to improve the quality of its content.
  • Establish a centre of expertise to provide training and advice relating to the contents of dawah work.


Our values


We aim to produce Islamic dawah work with contents of the highest possible quality, relying on the professionalism of experts and specialists.


Information material will be prepared according to the needs of the different cultures of the target audience, based on the most reliable and acceptable works of reference. We will disregard works that create misunderstanding or ambiguity.


We aim to be creative in producing and disseminating dawah material with regard to style, language and methodology. We will be creative in using new media, technology and other applications to ensure that the information required is readily accessible to all users.


We aim to encourage and contribute to the improvement of the contents of all dawah material.


We see our role as partners with others to ensure that high quality dawah material is available throughout the world.